Back in October I was on a diet. I am still eating the same way, but it is no longer a diet. Now it is my nature. All rice is brown. Vegetables come from up the road, not across the ocean. Meat is something to savor and encounter sparingly. Breakfast is oats and yogurt, not biscuits and gravy. Sugar is wicked and flour is glue.

I am a hothouse flower with claws and teeth. A single source fuel cell designed to power a 27lb aluminum rocket. A 40 year-old man who had a taste of decrepitude, a preview of the unraveling of the sickly dysfunctional organism. A death on failure’s terms. The humiliation of “can’t do.”

“Am I on a diet?” They ask. “HELL NO!” I tell them, “I’m on a mission.”

-48 lbs lighter.

11 Responses to Instinct

  1. I’d follow suit but it turns out I need chocolate to maintain a healthy weight and emotional stability. Specifically, Hershey’s Nuggets — the ones with dark chocolate and almonds.

  2. There will come a time when people mention how lucky you are to be thin, thin with out really trying. They’ll make a weird assumption that you are how you are without effort and struggle. “You must have the skinny gene.” It can’t be the oatmeal I’ve eating at breakfast for 20 years or the rabbit food I eat for lunch, most certainly it isn’t the modest portions I have for dinner. No, just lucky to get the right genes. My dad was thin, true enough. Alcoholism and two packs of Pall Malls a day will do that for you.

    Congrats, brotherman.

  3. Awesome! I’ve been eating healthy for quite a few years now, lost about 20 lbs when I started but tend to eat like I’m riding 200 miles a week which is great when I do but it’s been, um, a few less than that over the winter. Getting into a good eating pattern helps my equilibrium even when I exceed my design parameters. Fortunately it never gets to the point I have to buy new clothes.

    Good for you!

  4. No way could we have guessed, when you got that skateboard last year, that it would indeed make you younger — nor the strange way the gods got to taste your salt in order to bring it on. That’s a tough act to follow for this upcoming birthday, wouldn’t you say?

  5. Everyone is invited to come and watch me shoot the hill on the skateboard again on the anniversary of my crash on June 2nd. Bring Neosporin.

  6. I’ll skate with ya. I have extra knee pads, wrist guards and helmet. This time let’s pre walk the hill with brooms and have a look out at the bottom.
    I have a feeling you will be lighter than me soon….I’m not stoked.