This fantastic picture is the work of John Lytle Wilson, recently of Tallahassee, now hailing from Birmingham, AL. Click the title of this post to see more monkeys and robots.

Today was a true red letter day. The full battery of robots made it to the trail for the first time in three years. One of them brought along his kidney stone, but the other two had it worse- they converted their rides to single speeds. Still, it was a big milestone for the Robot Army. Endless rounds of testing in R&D, followed by a labyrinth of quality assurance reviews, Forms SF 424’s, and liability waivers have delayed the project substantially.

In a live fire training scenario we encountered a squad of Cobra Kai riders. The RA is not yet ready for full bicycle combat so they initiated cloaking devices and blended in with the scrub oak and slash pine. Such smart robots!

Come fall they will be hunting Cobra Kai and collecting jersey pockets like ears on the battlefield. Cobra Kai’s weakness is their confidence and superior weaponry, but these robots are proud, and they will find a way!


6 Responses to Deployment

  1. They brought it on themselves with their hubris! We will convene a meeting of the far-flung peoples of the trails. BRC, GBS, BC, and those dishwashers I mentioned. We need everyone!

  2. why do I get the feeling BRC is falling into “a beautiful mind”? Even still, it don’t say “sweep the leg” on the back of our jerseys for nothing. somebody get em a body bag… down with the CK

  3. Juancho say, “ride on trail, hmm? ride left side, safe. ride right side, safe. ride middle, sooner or later get squish just like grape. Here, Robot Army, same thing. Either you RA do “yes” or RA do “no.” You RA do “guess so,” and…
    Just like grape!