Slope Intercept

Sooner or later you figure out the line. On the trail, through crosstown traffic, and at various periods of life you have to know the line or you are likely to collide with heartbreak and pain.

I was on my line last night out throwing sticks for the Dogboy to fetch. I’m not certain where all we rode, but I think we went to Live Oak and back in about an hour and a half. We rode fast and hard (for the most part) and climbed an evil sequence of hills that began back off of Weems rd. and continued for 30 minutes out to Pedrick Rd. by way of goat trails, 4X4 paths, and some Viet Cong type tunnels through thick brush. The Dogboy kept pointing out that we were still climbing, waiting for the usual lip from me about all aspects of riding other than going fast in a relatively painless state.

I’m off that line now. I finally figured out what X equals, and it ain’t zero.


11 Responses to Slope Intercept

  1. I’m with you, Nicol! When I see a formula like that, I have to go be sick someplace! Help, Juancho! 😉

  2. What the man is saying is he hung on the hard stuff. What the man is saying is last year his 2 hour ride was 12 miles and last night his less than 2 hour ride was close to 20 miles. What the man is saying is he is game-on and everyone is in his sites. What this man is saying is damn, I better stay on my game.

  3. HA! I thought he was saying that he was in the POWER-FLOW of his line last night: that he chose the right path (physically as well as all other aspects = that his game was ON), and that it was fast and furious (and the he was beating the bsolute app out of his riding partner – who wasn’t suspecting such a beating).

    then i thought the equation said/meant:
    Y (which i consider “The Answer”)
    is euqual to: mt+b (because x isn’t “0” so it certaily has to be t…. you know.. MtB. Mtn Bike.

    So simple. Yet so far off. Siiiggghhhhh….

    I sepecially like hearing about the “Viet Cong type tunnels”.