Juancho the Martyr

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I spent good money that I have yet to pay back to insure myself against this sort of thing-

I am out of the house and working as you read this. I know, yes, it is very noble of me. Yes, of course, lots of people do it. No, actually, I am not a housewife, a bum, on disability, or a Mary Kay representative. I won’t tell you what I am, but I can guaran-damn-tee you that what I am don’t get up in the middle of the night (7:30 A:M) and go to work.

Lots of good stuff brewing. The plan is to invade the Gainesville area, beginning with San Felasco tomorrow, then eating and drinking our way through town like a swarm of locusts, then riding Razorback in a self-loathing, fearsome, alcoholic sweat the next morning. Powder is coming along, as I will need a designated driver to get back home on Sunday.

I’ll post up later, after I get back from the salt mines. No, stop it. It is very nice of you to offer to support me, but really I’m curious to see what people actually do at this hour.

If I miss you later, then have a great weekend, and I mean that.

-Juancho Out

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