Done me in

Tommy and I rode the gritty, half-wet forest yesterday in the middle of a muggy day. I suffered for the full two hours whether I was in the front, briefly, or in the back, mostly. He just rode away whenever he wanted. I can’t explain it. Not enough food? A high dew point? I have no words. I took myself to a Fire Flow yoga class to have a word with myself tonight and the answer was clear. Front of pack, back of pack it does not matter. The pain is the trophy.

Still, I’m going to bring it for realz next time.


10 Responses to Done me in

  1. You have such a ‘competitive” spirit Jauncho! What’s up with that?


    No matter.. do whatever it is that get’s you down this road we call “life” and keep on channeling your perceptions thru your very cool words!

    Love it! Keep on!

  2. Aw Buzz, it’s all bullshit. Just an endless running joke amongst a crew of also-rans. A blog has to have some dramatic tension right? The only real competitor is death, and she comes for us all in her own good time.

  3. “Set me off like dynamite
    strapped tight around my waist
    We are the ones in competition
    but claim this ain’t no race”

    -Rise Against-

    Every time I hear these opening lines, I get to thinking of the push and pull that comes with being competitive. Even the most chill have it, whether they deny it or not. I think it’s ingrained deep inside; continuation of the species and all that. Like most anything else, you just can’t let it own you.

  4. I guess the question was more for myself. Most times it is just stick play in my pack…big dogs…running …chasing. But sometimes when I have legs like a Coyote I take the stick and wield it. It scares me. I think BigWorm is right, it always there, just can’t let it own you.

  5. The pain is the trophy. I love that line. Kind of ironic too. Minutes before reading that, I had just thrown out some old trophies that I had laying around collecting dust and was still feeling the pain from the race in Fernandina. Finished 18th, but got a nice “pain” trophy from trying a little too hard. BTW, this is Paul L.

  6. As you know, I’m constantly playing hide and go seek with my competitive side. Generally, the more I ignore it, the happier I am, but there are times…