The Round Up

The pollen is so thick out there I need a respirator to ride my bike. The choking yellow dust swirls over everything. That’s my latest excuse anyway. I returned to the scene of the crash with Flugtag Lorino and while I wheezed he shook his head with dismay and shame. That’s my kind of bike ride right there.

Lots of action shaping up for Good Friday and Easter weekend here in BRCville.

The inimitable Kelly Boehmer is showing new work in the 621 Gallery tonight so that is pretty much the place to be. If you can handle bigger than life incarnations of the things that haunt you anyway, then that is the place to be. Her soft sculpture work is neither cute nor cuddly. The viscera and entrails of magical creatures are her brush strokes.

Uncle Vito is coming to town. We used to work together at this shithole and not a finer human being exists. This is the guy that would have made your last dinner party fun. I can’t wait to show him around and laugh hysterically at his running commentary concerning our hillbilly town. New Yorkers man, they are different.

Man and Pa Ingalls are hitching up the buckboard and coming to the city. We love to see Ma, but I guess that puts a damper on whatever Pa and Flugtag have going on.

Despite the yellow cloud, the weather is gorgeous and I intend to shut this soul-sucking machine down for the weekend. If you need me, you better pick up the phone.


5 Responses to The Round Up

  1. It is a most heavily pollinated world we are living in right now. Every one and every thing looks as if they are in final stages of liver failure.
    Have fun tonight.
    I wish you could bring the entire gang out to Lloyd- forget the art and crap- and come have salad and martinis right here.
    I’m sure Uncle Vito would be stunned into silence by the rural charm which is Lloyd.