What will it be?

Pick your poison stranger.

Another moist summer weekend is here and after last week’s successfully epic ride I’m wondering what kind of adventures are brewing out there?

I’m interested in a little paddling myself, and of course a ride or three, perhaps some cocktails on the lanai late in the afternoon?

Report in with your bright ideas please.

On other fronts

The Cobra Kai gang has raised $601 to date for Aucillasinks penitence fund. For those unaware I am referring to the recent dispute between the father of the Fern trail and a shitheel property management company that took offense at his continued trail development on their “easement” -a euphemism for “strip mall retention pond”. I adhere more to the native american concept of land ownership. Land is eternal, and cannot be owned.

None of this changes the fact that our boy needs $3,000 to keep the dogs of justice off his back and the folks who darken Joe’s door down at Lake Ella are not making it happen. Why oh why must we continually be humiliated by those Cobra Kai thugs at Higher Ground? Time and time again, they sweep the leg.

Sell some plasma, steal the kid’s piggy bank, turn a trick for all I care, but go to Joe’s and hand over some loot please, Aucilla would do it for you. Come on, restore my hope in cyclemanity.

And yet other fronts

Apparently S’quatch got pulled by the law the other night while riding his road bike through a bad part of town in the dark with headphones on, after a couple of beers so “just another ride” for him.

By the gleam of the dancing blues, the officer opened up his trunk to display a collection of red blinkies and other cycling equipment and proceeded to hook S’quatch up like a fake Rolex salesman in Times Square.

Yes, my eyebrow is raised too, actually.

In an attempt to impress or intimidate the officer S’quatch mentioned he “knew people at the Big Ring Circus”.

I would like to set the record straight for the officer- I may have done a favor for that guy a time or two, but he ain’t a made man in my organization, so do what you need to do next time and get that bum off the streets.


19 Responses to What will it be?

  1. Very funny. The officer (a rider himself) actually had a trunk full of (quite adequate) light sets made just for careless types like me, and he went to the trouble to dig around for batteries so I could be seen from that point home. No scolding whatsoever, and he wasn’t even interested in my name. I’ve actually permanently installed the red blinky light on my seatpost and may live to ride a few more years.

    A few more experiences like that could condition an entirely different response to the flashing blues. For the record, I really could use a new full-suspension bike, you know, for safety reasons.

  2. Hitops sez: Munson Saturday, road ride in the Apalach and maybe Natural Bridge Sunday. Or vice versa, depending on the weather.

    I need to drop the mt.bike to Joe’s for a tuneup soon,and will drop a dime in the charity bucket for the guerrilla trail builder.

    Sasquatch, can you score a blinkie or two from the man for a brother?

  3. I am a desciple of the blinkie, and often scold my less zealous brothers on pilgramages to and from the church of the open sky, so I say ….”Amen” to the man in blue for putting one of our own onto the path of visability.
    I say we organize a kegger at Joes, rope off a V.I.P. area and charge people for the privilage of hanging at the bike shop with the most mojo. We used to make money in back in the day that way. We need a drink and he needs the funds ….How can we lose?
    I’ll work the door.

  4. I’m In.
    btw I know I don’t spell anything correctly.

  5. Most of my crew is on RAM (with team type I) but I will call who I can and get the kudzu wire service buzzing. I will call you later and see how you want to proceed.
    Maybe we need a grill too. We could sell burgers to unsuspecting republicans.

  6. I’m getting the bolts installed on the side of my neck next week. I guess I’ll just get a green dinner jacket and change my name to Frank Stine.
    What about a benift show at the beta bar. I could get three acts that draw with a phone call. That way we can all drink and keep the door money. We could get merch too maybe, cheap poly T’s???
    Jes Spittballin G!

  7. As much as I sympathise with the trials of our poor, busted trail tycoon, I don’t think anyone here would be showing mercy to equestrians carving your back yard.


  8. I think he’s missing the point….there will be BEER at the benefit.