I was supposed to be elsewhere this week, but plans changed, leaving me in a torporous state of adjustment. The astronauts who get dressed and load up on the point of a missile just to be told, “Sorry, not today.” How do they do it?

All I had to do was drive a Chrysler Sebring (not the convertible) down to Southwest Florida for a few days. Thousands of people are moving heaven and earth for the privilege, but for Juancho, that’s just another day at the office and downtime is golden.

It’s cool and sunny out there today and I know if I get on a bike and shove off, anywhere I go will be a fine place to be.


9 Responses to Truant

  1. “Ma’am.” Finally! 😉 As cool as it is down here I’m surprised you didn’t have to put snow chains on your tires!

  2. Torporous? Are you serious? It ruins the blog for me when I have to go look up words.
    It interrupts the rhythem.
    It’s like stopping Lance to ask him what gear he’s in.
    It wouldn’t kill you to drive the hot rod slow you know.

  3. Oh, no! Now my vocabulary is going to drop back down to what it was when you were 18 months old, Juanchito!! 😉 W.B., one day juancho will be too old and creaky to ride and all he’ll have left is his vocabulary/writing skills. Let’s encourage them! 😉

  4. Like Juancho, my job takes me out of town and occasionally, our paths cross.

    I was recently in Bradenton Beach for a week hoping to meet up with a former local (Juancho) to get the skinney on eats, drinks, and be-merry’s.

    Instead, I got to hang out with locals who could discuss such topics as “where were you when the Lindy started?” or “McCain may be swell, but he’s no William Taft!”.

    So, in a torpid state myself, I watch as all the white-haired Buicksetters scurried around me enjoying the weather and discussing the temp and grandkids back home in michiganasotadelphiajersey.

    The Rod n’ Reel served fake grouper too!