future lies-

Last year my friend Chuck made a New Year’s Resolution to get the best parking spot everywhere he went for the whole year. He did it too. Through nothing but the power of expectation. It is true though, I swear. I have evidence- murkily angled shots of his champagne Mazda in front of the grocery store, University buildings, the Okahumpka Service Plaza, and more bars than I care to remember. In some shots he puts his foot on the hood of the car as though his dirty Pro-Keds are some form of legal I.D.

I think he is going to follow that amazing run with a new resolution to receive nothing but great servce in restaurants. I guess that means he won’t be going to Cabo’s anymore, or El Jalisco.

Chuck is on my lifetime board of directors and therefore a good role model. I think I will follow his example and avoid declarations of self-improvement. Why do I need to improve myself? Who needs that kind of trip? I try. I truly do. I handle my own flagellation thank you very much. This year I’m going to let the Universe come to me. It doesn’t take a brain scientist or a rocket surgeon to notice that the world could do a little shaping up of its own without expecting more from me.

I think I resolve to expect more from doing less. When you want something real bad, and you try as hard as you can, how often do you get it? Me? Not often. In 2010 I am going to give less and expect more- starting with San Felasco.


6 Responses to future lies-

  1. U need a copy of Open. It’s a good read and is all about getting what you think you want, then not, then finally getting what you really want.

  2. You’ll get LOTS more at San Felasco.

    More pain; more suffering; more abject humiliation; more spidery, happy, prepared athletes on your left (and up in your mental grill); and more skilled reframing.

  3. Thanks BC. I’ll look into that. I also hope to bend silverware with my mind one day.

    S’quatch, you ought to pay attention to the comment above yours to learn a little bit about unconditional support. Nicol is worth two of you when it comes to blog-friends…punk.