The Cranktoy Rider

Taking a vacation from vacations, I spent the long weekend right here in paradise on 10th Avenue. Testing the theory(Is it a theory?) that you can pedal away your worries and woes, I moved into the saddle for a few days. Other than a few hours of sleep here and there, and a busy day of commerce at on Saturday, I rode.

I am finding that the mountain bike and the road bike complement each other very well. One requires a great deal of thought, physical effort, and technical skill while the other is like sitting on the couch while moving your feet for hours on end. As long as my ass was asleep I knew I was in the right place.

On the mountain bike, I rode with Pete (Huck Shins) and a 21 y/o fresh off the boat kid from Maine with dreams of big air. After watching the air show Pete put on, he knows he has some homework to do. I’m pretty certain I witnessed a first descent on the Live Oak Connector. I won’t bore you with the details, but if anyone else out there has ever “dropped the roller jump off the ridge and bunny-hopped the creek” please contact me, otherwise I’m declaring Pete’s a first descent. Shortly after this I hit a tree going as fast as I can, so we all have our talents, right? Between Saturday and Sunday morning we rode: The Albertson’s (Pine Beetle) trail, Fern trail (new and old), Magnolia trail at TBP, Cadillac, Heritage to the secret beach and back, Live Oak Connector, Computer Tutors, Powerlines, Overstreet (singletrack and the loop), the Lake Jackson loop, and everything huck-able on the way home through town. Big fun, absolutely terrific riding.

On the road bike, it was sweet, slick-tired fun down the boresville highway (The St. Marks trail) first withScot. B and a young lady prodigy he is coaching, then again yesterday for 35 miles of “turn your brain off” solo pedal cranking. Road biking is more interesting with partners, although I believe I may talk too much for some folks. If they road faster, maybe I’d be quiet, but I doubt it.

The Fuji Del Rey (My little Pony) rides so nice and looks so clean. Aside from the downtube shifters, the hairy legs, and the visor on my helmet- someone might mistake me for a real roadie-but I doubt it.

Enough about me though: Bushyhead rode the 6 hour solo at Santos this weekend and acquitted himself proudly. T-dog and Hambone worked his station and chatted up all the ladies like they are known to do.

To close out for today, I would like to ask Bigworm to render a verdict on the true conversion equation of off-road to road miles. I have my notions, but I will defer to your judgement.

Juancho-wind him up and watch him crank.

4 Responses to The Cranktoy Rider

  1. Not sure if you are ouching me for being bored enough to ride a roasd bike, or ouching poor couch pedalers everywhere?

    And what is this “heart” of which you speak?