Clydesdale Hall of Fame

Because he would have believed that we saw a black panther and not some “jaguarundi”. And because he made biology funny, Steve Irwin is hereby inducted into the Big Ring Circus’ Clydesdale Hall of Fame, an intermittent feature honoring large people, or those that live so.


4 Responses to Clydesdale Hall of Fame

  1. I must admit that i struggled with his nomination to the big ring circus at first — his 231 private jet flights and 1,000 interviews in a 30 day period to promote his film certainly deserves two green thumbs down. But i also must admit that his awareness campaign, bringing home the plight of some of the worlds most ancient and precious animals, and spending a pretty penny on environmental issues overrides my repulsion at his hollywood splurging. Rest in peace matey, enjoy crocy heaven.

  2. he loved reptiles.
    Oil used to be reptiles.
    231 private jet flights = more time with reptiles.

    No conflict there, just perfect harmony.

  3. Hijo Juancho, I’m happy to see that you’ve honored Steve honored in BRC. Anyone who lived as large as he did certainly is a Clydesdale! He died as he lived, far from “on his knees.”