A Nice Lump of Coal

At least now I know. All I want to do is ride, and all I want to write about is that.

Things I considered writing about but thankfully did not:

Picking a good grocery cart at Publix, preferred cat litter granulation (likes and dislikes as demonstrated by cat.) Why bloggers blog about blogging and at what point group suicide is the more humane option.

I will never win the Leadville 100 and this site will never be more or less than what it has been since I accidentally created it in 2005. I am very OK with that. Grateful actually. I do however intend to return to my merciless form and therefore, for the sake of art of course, if you know me in real life don’t come around here pinching my virtual cheeks and chucking me on my virtual chins. It is annoying, and this is not the place.

So let’s revisit some basics:

Racing? Don’t care.
Training tips? Might be important, but deadly boring.
Smack talk? Always welcome.

San Felasco? 16 days and counting.

If you want to write to John, I am told he is a good man and I am sure he would love to hear from you at loveyourbike@gmail.com, but Juancho?

Juancho will turn on your ass like Manuel Noriega.


10 Responses to A Nice Lump of Coal

  1. tdf? my strategy is to start early due to juancho’s steadfastness and determination. we’ll see what his legs can muster…

    my guess is, you’ll find me huddling around the lunchtime bonfire, bangin’ on chili and advil.

    juancho, do your thing, the rest will follow.

  2. Cootchie cootchie coo…. such a cute li’l blogger!

    If I wasn’t under two feet of snow and ice I would love to talk some bike smack, but I’ll to wait until summer…

    So until then, don’t forget the kittens and ice cream.