10 Responses to Pedestrian

  1. I remember sage advice from a guy named Juancho about burn-out. Sometimes we don’t want it to happen, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. A good vacation is in order, I suspect!
    Merry Christmas, Hijo! Wish you were here to have a truly laid-back, hanging- out Christmas with me! 🙂

  2. If you feel like fighting the crowds of millions of people, you can come up here for the Obama inauguration. I’ll drive you to the train station, and you can get as far as Union Station.

  3. Topics:

    A Christmas Story

    Life in the driveway, waiting for Obama to get his ass on out here so we can go!

    Other Bloggers (playing the dozens, as in, Wrecking Ball learned to spell at the chimp farm, or Jill is so stoic she thinks gangrene is a nuisance, or anybody who has “Fat” in their blogging name probably isn’t fat)

    What it’s like to have the circus stands filled with adoring women, including your moms.

    How you ride all the time and are down to your fighting weight but still getting that ass whupped on a regular, even by a wheezy, ham guzzling. egg-nog drinking, non-riding skunk ape.

    Any or all of those prompts should make excellent posts. Stop your whining and get to work.

  4. Damn!! I wish I’d had the energy to join you guys for round two on Sunday. I sure do love to see a good whuppin’ administered by a skunk ape!