Keep Moving

I woke up this morning thinking about Euripedes, and the thinking didn’t go far since I had to look him up to learn he was a Greek Tragedian and not the first scientist to discover phlogisten. If anyone knows anything about him that seems relevant I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction. I’m talking to you Gammnu.

Other than that priceless nugget I am full of optimism and hopey changiness (tm). Something magnificent could happen today, or at least nothing too terrible could not happen. I will take either option.

My tiny living room is cleared of furniture and I really like it that way. People who come to the house are compelled to state their business and keep moving. There is no place to linger, or become relaxed. I inhabit a shark tank. This suits me as there is so much to be done before the big surprise at the end of the month. Everything is changing all of the time.

Even if you sit still and consciously try to slow down, you are still in motion. Old cells are sloughing off and new cells come like fluffy popcorn kernels snapping from the oil.


4 Responses to Keep Moving

  1. “Even if you sit still and consciously try to slow down, you are still in motion.”

    I like that one, today. Not sure why it rings with me, but it does.

    Unfortunately, I’m not one to wait patiently for the surprise. Can’t stand the anxiety. If our paths cross, I’ll likely crash you off your trusty steed, and slowly drip water or Gatorade from your camelbak, to the bridge of your nose, until you spill the beans.

  2. I have an inkling, but it rests on pure hearsay, so I’ll sustain my own objection and leave the big reveal to the proprietor.

  3. Euripides was New-School tragedian, writing Old-School comedy. His work was critical of norms and considered distinctively instructive.
    He was a misanthrope who squirreled away his books and time for writing. He got away with fart jokes for Herakles and impotence jokes with Aeschylus.

    What’s not to love?