There is “not riding your bike” and then there is “birds living in your helmet.”

I used to ride a lot with this guy Hambone, some of you may know him, but after receiving this picture from him I think I’m taking his number out of my little black book. He and his woman are having a baby- that’s right, she has a kid up inside her right now. It is Hambone’s job to make a safe and sound home where the eventual child can holler his or her little lungs out in peace.

Next thing you know he will be buying a recumbent.

As for the rest of us, oh boy. Things are happening fast in this town for the cycling community. Yesterday Mystery and I probably saw 15 or 20 riders east of town, including the entire Cobra Kai gang. They rode by chanting, “No Mercy No Remorse!” or something like that. There is a new section of skills-oriented bridges and jumps specifically designed for one to remove oneself from this mortal coil on the Fern trail, and of course that is where everybody congregated. It was like a skateboard ramp scene. What fun!

I look forward to a whole summer of falling off of logs.

16 Responses to Nesting

  1. Once you learn to relax, the falling is actually great fun! The landing however….

    It was very good to see you out on the trails, Sir Juancho. Now, if you’ll just tell me how to collect the sweet godness that Cupcake, The Mystery Goddess, promised, I’d be quite indebted.

  2. at skate ramps it’s ok to hang out since there’s no where else to go, but I can’t stand the lingering crowd around technical aspects of the trail, the slopes, or the watercooler-get up and do it instead of heckling my old gear!

    I’m gonna start ghost riding my old gear into lingerers like a juggernaut(insert exclamation) of early nineties crap with old-man angst.
    Whew, that’s better

  3. that was magnum obviously, and he calls it ghost riding when he actually falls off before he gets to tough stuff on purpose.

  4. The Juggernaut is right, anon is gonna get a whipping, and Juancho loves riding logs, big hard logs.

    Watch for splinters.

  5. Ha! I know what you’re implying. But there were no witnesses and no pictures – just Sinks’ word. I ain’t no Pete but I can tell that I need to take a spin with yuse so I can show you whippersnappers how we do it old school style!