Hello Friends-

Would you like to buy a lady’s handbag today?

Does that sound familiar? If you received such an invitation from me recently by e-mail, please know that I have not sold ladies equipage for a long time. I gave it up along with scrubbing the mats at the end of a 17 hour shift at the Village Inn Pancake House A big wassup to all my homies in maroon vests tonight- 2 Superstacks and a General Lee pick it up!

The invitation to purchase dazzling finery for yourself or your paramour is the action of a malicious program. For the record, some of you offered to sell me some Dolce & Gabanna too. In fact I went ahead and ordered some choice items from Big Worm. Let’s all conduct a massive virus scan real soon. I can say with all confidence that the BigRingCircus is disease-free.

Personally, I blame Facebook. I have waiting for a reason to get off that Gravitron of inanity. I have done some research (caught three minutes of commentary on NPR) and I learned that all those applications and gadgets are created by anyone, like the Mali government for instance, to operate as data mining agents.

I won’t have innocent programs working in the data mines because of me.

Now, here is a cool shot someone took of me cruising through the trees in the Forest today. I think it really captures my style lately.


12 Responses to Hello Friends-

  1. More indepth research (7 minutes on NPR) indicates the CIA and Defense Dep. have venture capital funds that are invested in, among other things, Facebook.

    Now they know just how HARD my scrabble game is.

    Not to mention how few friends I have.

    So, anyway, just what do you have to hide Juancho? Besides an unnatural love of red pumps, that is?