Angry Monk

I have put myself back in the care of the angry monk. Illicit temptations will be met with ruthless irrationality and much shrieking. I will spend my days pounding rocks with my bare hands and eating sand. I will meditate on the weak wills of mine enemies and plot a coup against my greatest foe- relativism. I will wander naked into the wilderness of the mind and emerge clothed in the chamois of inner conviction.

I will ride my bikes.

namaste and other monkly greetings.

3 Responses to Angry Monk

  1. Have you already been wandering through the wilderness naked? Is that the real reason that Munson Hills is closed?

  2. Ohhhh angry monk say bad if trail closed, shrieking we will have, eat sand you will, hummm (my monk sounds like Yoda)…