Easy Does It

Turns out that if you you take too much of a few vitamins your ears can ring. I suspended my doping procedures and my ears are returning to normal. That’s a little scary. It fits right in with my tendency to pile on. When my body was a landfill I could dump anything in there and I would only feel mildly different on the yum to yuck scale. Now, if the oatmeal isn’t organic it is enough to throw me into a tizzy. I know just how Gwyneth Paltrow feels.

I deployed a new robot on the trail last night. This one is a total winner. Rather than building them out of scrap parts and dashed hopes, this one came to me functional right out of the box. He bought a Giant hard-tail from the rental fleet at Great Bicycle Shop and we hit Munson for the last rays of daylight. He’s ready. All he has to do is remove the kickstand.

I would love to spend some time here and try to write my way out of stupefying boredom, but I have to go make that paper y’all.


One Response to Easy Does It

  1. While the rest of the Robot Army was firmly entrenched in Fantasy Time-suck Draft, a new starter emerges.

    At least the weather wasn’t cool and dry outside, ’cause then I’d start to feel lame.