I made an offer to purchase a house today. Actually I made an offer to allow a bank to purchase a house which I will then pay for, in theory, for the duration of my life- calling it “mine” and treating it as such- while excoriating dirty renters for throwing their money away.

This last part appears to be in the bylaws I signed regarding home ownership.

They would have to be pretty hungry to take my offer anyway, but like my buddy Tom said, “If you aren’t embarassed by it, then you offered too much.”



7 Responses to Guts

  1. Nice of you to step up to help the banking system. Costco has Pepto-Bismol in cases should your offer be accepted…

    As for bikes, my word verification is advello which qualifies as bike related as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I have a friend who would offer people “Four Shiny Quarters” for things she wanted. Even if her offer was denied, they always seemed tempted. You should try that.

  3. they may accept the deal, but you’ll have to supply your own cat, lesbian, and yard art.

    oh, and the feller on the bike that’s a little off? he doesn’t bite but you should define the boundaries quickly for him.

    good luck

  4. there are so many hands in the real estate pie it makes me cry. owning a home is good. all the money spent along the way is bad. banks are the biggest offender of this abuse in my opinion, some might say realtors are but hey i r one and yes they are sometimes over paid but that is just the start… surveys, appraisals, inspections, title insurance, lender origination fees, the end consumer foots the bill and waits the longest for that to pay off. All the while getting “hey we can help you get that equity out of your house” letters.