Taking stock

A year ago, S’quatch and I rendevoused up in North Georgia for a little cycling fun and that weekend turned out to be marred by tragedy. A cyclist lost his life on a country road, killed by a car during a group ride.


On the way home, we had our own scary encounter on I-75 as S’quatch’s pickup went out of control beneath the shadow of an eighteen-wheeler.

Forgive me this brief indulgence of pulpiteering.

Whether you are a careful, helmet-wearing law-abider or a shoot the intersection on drugs wild child, my wish is that all of us are faster, sharper, and more aware than the folks driving in our midst.

If you like to ride around at night, in your black shirt with your I-pod cranking, that’s cool with me, but keep your sixth sense about you. Look out for your ride buddies and expect the unexpected.

Do it for the Doc’s sake.

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