Rough Water

I woke up at 5:15 A:M this morning.

The fan was blasting directly into my ear, just like I like it. I went to bed at 11:00 after a couple of tall vodka tonics. The corner of the pillow was tucked just the way I like it. I was rolled up burrito style in my comforter. The AC was pumping on full sub-arctic mode as usual.

So why? I was dreaming vividly, I know that much. There was water, lots of water. Hmm, don’t have to pee necessarily, but I get up and do it anyway. Lie back down and try to reconnect to the dream, but you know that never works. I was awake. Completely and undeniably conscious and rested. It don’t make no damn sense. Oh well, we got ourselves a show to put on under the big top so we might as well get to work.

I think I’ve figured out part of the reason the doldrums have set in for me this summer. It’s an achievement to get out and ride at all in these conditions, and that just ain’t me. I like to ride with purpose. I like to explore. I like to pioneer. Link up trails, neighborhoods, highways, drainage ditches, swimming pools, and in general make a day of it. This business of riding the same stuff like a hamster on a wheel is getting to me. Of course if I was riding it faster I may not feel that way, but whatever. I’m going to work with this new paradigm. Trying to log a huge ride this time of year can kill you, but that may be better than the current status quo, so I’m up for ideas. Anyone? Hello?

The tour gets rolling in 45 minutes and I think I’ve earned the right to watch it this morning. For those of you following the race, I encourage you to support Janeck Tombak, of the Cofidis team. It was brought to my attention that the homeboy from Estonia has been struggling at the very bottom of the leaderboard from day one. Yet here he is, still in the race. So if you’ve ever worked hard to do poorly, throw your hands in the air for Jan Tombak. If you can admire someone who refuses to quit, throw some love to Tombak. He’s a more accessible hero than Lance Armstrong, that’s for sure.

Oh, and today? I’m pretty sure Magnus is going to kick their ever-lovin’ 28 inch waist asses in the flats.

Juancho Magellan Out

3 Responses to Rough Water

  1. Juancho Magellan is all over the map today! Maybe you’re drowning in the humidity, or it’s finally dawning on you that Sasquatch is back and the water’s risin so fast it’ll soon be over your head.

    As for epic riding, you did nail the dilemma: Any 6 hour stretch of daylight borrows heavily from the sizzle zone. However, we could lay it down for four hours and work a swim and an ice tea in there somewhere and be just fine. I like the looks of tomorrow.

  2. Another respectable top 10 finish for Mr. Backstedt. He should eat tiny little Robbie Mcewen for dinner tonight. That guy is a jackass.