18 Responses to Where Would You Go?

  1. For me, it will involve loading up my bicycle and riding in some random direction. I still want to spend some time in South America, Eastern Europe and more of Asia.

  2. I don’t honestly tink I’ve travelled enough to know my eventual destination.

    I guess I’d just started pedalling and see where I ended up

    Fat Lad

  3. First stop: New Orleans! And when I’m good and blasted, I’d ask a home bum where to head next, throw my duffel on the train, and go. Probably south. Waaaaay south.

  4. Realizing that the cash in my 401k won’t get me much further than a year, maybe two and knowing there’s no way I’d find another 6figure salary after walking out in the middle of a critical project, I stop packing and go back to work and continue on towards my already planned vacation time this year. I know, I’m boring. But I like security. I wouldn’t take jobs with startups in the late 90’s either.

  5. What a great question. It leads to much thought on many, many levels.
    Mostly, I am quite content right here in Lloyd this morning. Honestly- most beautiful day of the year. Or was that yesterday? Or will it be tomorrow?
    But if I had to go somewhere, absolutely had to leave here and go somewhere else…
    Wow. Have to get back with you on that one.

  6. Yep, great question. Hard to answer though. Maybe go to Europe (France), buy a villa, grow grapes, make wine and live like Peter Mayle. But, then again, I also like Colorado a lot and that’s more practical. And, there are so many other cool places all over to visit…it’s too hard to pick one.

  7. Custom Sportsmobile, bikes, boards, sat dish, lap top, surfline premium membership. Start in Seattle and go wherever the trails, surf or internet lead me. Ten months at least. When I get to key west, sell the rig, mail the bikes home and detox in Cane Garden Bay till the winter swells and rum are gone.
    Then I will spend the rest of my life working three jobs to pay therapists for the damage I’ve done to my family.

  8. or Juanco, we could just load up and head to the Blue Ridge for a little TSALI singletrack, like say….this Thursday afternoon!!!

    Where you, me, and the Torso can discuss this matter in great detail after having the ride of life with the help of a little whiskey and a campfire…..


  9. I’d go to your house. Laze around on your couch. Let you cook dinner for me.
    Dr. D

  10. Santos for two days, then back home to St. Aug. for two more. Hit a couple of springs on the way back to my true home in Tally. Back to work after a day to laze around. True joy lies close for me.

  11. I’d go back to Scotland one more time to see the Orkneys and have a rusty nail. Then I’d be content to sit right here in West “By God” Virginia.

  12. Scotland must be where I lived in another life. So different from England, so much less stuffy, so beautiful in a ethereal way. But you can’t be a sissy and hate to get wet. Did I mention the rain is sometimes cold? 😉