Not it

What’s up everybody? You feeling all right? Everything good out there?

That’s excellent. I’m really glad. You know I’m pulling for each and every one of you every day right? I mean that. No, for real. This time I mean it. If I say it again later the current arrangement is to be considered nullified, but at this moment- I believe in you and I want to see you get yours, whatever yours is.

I just want to cover a couple of things before we move on to this weekend.

This grass ain’t going to mow itself. It proves that a little bit more each day. I could mow it. I feel a lot better than I did yesterday, thank you for asking. The thing is, I think I have a couple of young entrepeneurs coming by to handle it for me and I see this as a direct and positive action. I see this as choosing an option that yields greater reward. I also seriously hate to mow. It raises too many conflicting emotions. I prefer to just avoid and deny. Like, how am I supposed to be all angry about oil spills if I pour gas in a box and push it around cutting grass which I absolutely knew was going to keep growing? I almost always slosh some gas out of the can too. It seems irrepsonsible.

And yet, grass will be cut.

Some people want things to change. Some people want some things to stay the same.

And with that we return to Wife Swap, where people want some things to change and other things to stay the same. Every single person on the show wants both of those things to happen, just like every single one of us. So what’s the deal? What are you willing to do? Most everyone I know including myself basically proceeds along a predictable path. I don’t see or participate in a lot of erratic behaviors. If that is true, then what’s going to happen? A whole lot more of the same.

Let somebody mow your grass, go to church, stay up past your bedtime, as long as it’s something different I wish you the best.


12 Responses to Not it

  1. You know, I am TERRIBLE at change. But sometimes I get pushed into it and sometimes, it turns out to be the most amazing thing.
    I would not consider mowing the grass to be in that category, though.

  2. With our human powered mower, the lawn requires even more consistent mowing, or the blades just push the grass down.So.

    Speaking of change, why not tear up the lawn and put in native plants? Then you let your “yard” go, and not only do you never mow it but you rest snugly/smugly in the bosom of Greening your neighborhood.


  3. I would do that, but only if I can put a smug sign in the yard saying, THIS YARD IS ALL NATIVE PLANTS, which is what serious lefty-lou’s like to do. My yard growing up was all native plants, but we just called it the yard.

  4. The yard is still native except for the volunteer bahaia that was transplanted by the fill dirt brought in. Of course it has been there now for 25 years so I guess like me it is a transplanted native. We have both been here so long we think we belong here and nowhere else.

  5. I could spray it down and reduce your workload to nil.
    Then we can cover the big brown stain with some of that outdoor carpet that looks like astroturf.

    You’ll just have to vacuum it every fall.
    Oh, and my change? I’m offering HELPFUL advice now.