According to legend, the father of one of my friends sent him out into the world at 18 with the following advice; “Remember boy, basketball is for homos and options are for losers.” I never figured out the basketball part. I think basketball is for everyone, but the options part I understand. He meant commit to something and stick with it.

I don’t know about that advice though, options can be pretty great. I wish I had more options for almost everything. Given the choice between black and white I will most often choose grey.


16 Responses to Options

  1. My father called basketball the armpit sport. Though tall for a guy born in 1920, he had no game, so I didn’t listen. The game has gotten rougher, even at the recreational level. Just recently, I had a black eye for two weeks from an inadvertent (I think) elbow I took while contesting a layup. When people asked whether the Mrs. laid one on me, I shrugged and said, “Nah, just a bar fight.” And vice versa.

    Where were we?

  2. Don’t give me that. I’ve seen you choose red, and wonder why most folks were still stuck in the gra[e]y paradigm. Options can be good, but one has to be decisive, I agree. I will stew over a menu of options until I check my watch and, 20 years later, I’m still considering them.

    I’ve seen your basketball game; you could probably take Mrs. hitops.

  3. when you boil it all down, the only real freedom anyone has is freedom of choice. Even when there doesn’t seem to be a choice in action there is still a choice in how we choose to think and feel about the action we feel we have no choice but to take. (Hmmmm.) Options are good, but choose wisely and remember that to procrastinate over options is to have already made a choice.

  4. That is so true.

    But, on a practical note, can you please post something new? Every time your page pops up, I have the Pavlovian response to drive thru In-n-Out. Please.