The Cheaha Trip

The 15th Annual Cheaha Trip is officially scheduled for Veteran’s Day weekend. In honor of where it all began, we are returning to-

Cheaha State Park, Delta, AL.

This may seem obvious to those of you unfamilar with the annual tradition. Although our first organized rendevous in the mountains took place in Cheaha, in the years that followed the trip moved to other locations, yet always retained the name, “The Cheaha Trip”.

For the last 15 years (oh my!) a delegation of that original adventure crew has convened somewhere throughout the southern Appalachians on Veteran’s Day weekend in order to climb, bike, wander, eat, drink, and most importantly: attempt to shmelt a bottle into an unbroken and functional ashtray and take home the $100 prize.

If you would like to participate in this year’s rendevous, e-mail my support staff at for details.


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