Holding Out

I have been miserly with my words these last few weeks. Hiding behind the bike and some lazy jokes, but sometimes life is too real for blogging. I’ve never really been the self-disclosing type of blogger. I prefer to write about what is going on outside of me, with the occasional glimpse inside hidden subtly within a metaphor or turn of phrase so that it appears clear as day to those who read between the lines, but to the passing reader it is just more of the same.

Maybe you would prefer to read about kidney stones (not mine) and job stress (mine) but it doesn’t appeal to me as a writer to kvetch away about personal trials to friends, strangers, and acquaintances on the internet. I prefer to save my kvetching for things beyond my control, like daylight savings time, standardized testing, and the paving of Munson.

The muse will stop by and visit me again, and until then you’re just going to have to be satisfied with reading about the rise of Juancho on the trails and what I ate for breakfast (oatmeal with plain yogurt, walnuts, flax seed oil.)


10 Responses to Holding Out

  1. One question: Can you taste the flax seed oil, or is it hidden enough amongst the yogurt, oatmeal and walnuts to make it suitably palatable? Just curious. 🙂

  2. *Sounds good Chris. I have some ideas.

    *Nicol, I don’t really notice the flax seed oil, but my disclaimer is that I seem to enjoy the flavor of anything that I discover is good for me.

    *I think I need 90 days at an artists’ retreat and it makes me feel like Andrew Jackson on a $20 bill.

  3. This morning I had oatmeal with soy sauce and chopped scallions, topped with a fried egg. Try it! Amazing!

  4. If you mix the flaxseed oil with the yogurt first until you see no oil it will be rendered water soluble and absorbs at the cellular level much more efficiently. It also changes the taste of it.