Who’s got your back?

The universe was taking me apart- an existential picking of the bones underway. This blog is about bikes and who cares about the weird dreams you had last night or the 3:00 A:M “Why am I here and what am I doing?” conversations with the hooded shadows hanging from the closet door. You want real problems? Move to Mogadishu, or Gretna, FL.

So an unexpected visit from family was most welcome, a little change of energy, a little fresh blood, a little get outside of yourself.

The Great Magnet will drag you to heel, that’s for sure. I now find myself 300 miles from my home sitting at my Mom’s kitchen counter while she sleeps away the flu in my bed back in Tallahassee. We became separated by a 1979 Winnebago with 3 wheels and a tow-truck driver afraid of wheelchairs or Mexicans. Turns out we all needed a little back-up.

If you are confused by this narrative, join the club. Better yet, try living it.


5 Responses to Who’s got your back?

  1. It’s always a good read on the BRC. Glad it all worked out for everyone in the end, I think. 🙂

    Hope the weekend keeps getting better for ya. A bike ride is in order, it sounds like.

  2. leaning more towards burning the wagon down and walking home. I made an emergency exit this morning to get someone’s back and the bike didn’t make it in the car. I need a bottle in front of me or a frontal lobotomy (as they say.) Oh well, plenty of time to get readt for San Felasco!

  3. Took the mountain bike up to the Nantahala Gorge last week. Didn’t have a whole day for the Tsali thing, but walked/rode a little singletrack and a little more doubletrack in the rafters’ environs. Some college boys in 1 boat wore pirate hats and demanded my rum.

    Yesterday I rode Phipps and Overstreet. Hadn’t been up there lately, and found some twisty new singletrack between ForestMeadows and the soccer field parking lot. Just my speed.

    J, give me a call when you’re setting up a ride suited to my, uh, skillset.