Register to win

I would enjoy telling someone else’s story for a change. If you think you have an adventure story worth telling, nominate your story with a two word title in the comment section. Heck, we will tell them all. Pertinent details will be researched by me for veracity, although general embellishments are welcome and encouraged. It will work like this. You tell me the story, I tell them the story. All submissions will get editorial consideration until it is time to push play on this boombox.

Drop a nickel in and I will make sure you get your money’s worth.


14 Responses to Register to win

  1. BabyGirl has a sleepover and me and mama are going out tonight to eat and see a band; I’ll get back to you if a story develops. We won’t get too crazy, but I’m thinking:

    Appetizers Tonight!
    Too Loud?
    Call BabyGirl?

    and maybe even,
    Netflix Movie!

  2. Can I be withdrawn from consideration? Boring really. Embarassing for me yes, but really just boring for everyone else. No one cares that I was once a line dance instuctor….scratch that.

  3. I assume BJS is serious about this. The editorial board accepts all entries. If you want to proceed with the process, please send me 100-250 words describing “the moment it all got real” and we will take it from there.

  4. Personally, I don’t see how the story of transformation from a Garth Brooks dressing, shit kicking, cowboy cultist(’cause I’m pretty sure that many people doing anything in unison is a cult), to a leg shaving, lycra wearing, Majestic Stallion, could ever be boring!

  5. Tune in tomorrow…or Sundayto find out if Big Jim Slade invented the Electric Slide.

    And what happened in Death Valley?

    And what does a Land Rover have to with anything?

    And what about the mystery submission you don’t know about that is sure to be something unbelievable?

    I can hardly stand the suspense.