Get on the Bus

“You’re like school on Saturday Rudy, no class!”

I wish I could remember all the rhymes we used to chant on the school bus. The only one that remains in memory goes something like this…

Mmm, Aye, I want a piece of pie-
pie’s too sweet, I want a piece of meat,
meat’s too tough,
I want to ride a bus,
Bus too full, I want to ride a bull,
Bull’s too big, I want to ride a pig,
Pig’s too wack, I want my money back…

Or something like that. I am counting on my siblings to find this and correct me.

Did you do this on the school bus? I remember full on foot stomping, hand clapping WE WILL ROCK YOU all the way to school and home.

Do kids still do this, or did it disappear with double dutch jump roping and Four Square?

See, I don’t rant all the time. Sometimes I just reminisce.


6 Responses to Get on the Bus

  1. I rode the bus. Nobody fun was on my bus, compared to your bus. I don’t remember anyone singing, stomping or chanting. I remember grumpy drivers, stinky feet, cracked vinyl seats and dirty open windows. My memory is desperately wanting to get OFF the bus.

  2. Hot bus, fans blowing, slow rocking of the greasy padded seat for an hour, right to sleep, almost every time. Radio on Fridays.

  3. No rhythmic chanting, but a lot of Van Halen and Motley Crue blaring from ghetto blasters carried by dirt-stache growing, red necks.

    I remember being nervous when I was younger, and relieved to be out of class when I was older.

    I remember watching cute girls that I never had the guts to talk to, as they worked their way down the aisle to the exit.

  4. What I remember is little juancho and big sister wanting to see the movie Smokey and the Bandit and arguing that the profanity in the movie was nothing that they hadn’t heard on the school bus. As I recall, I yielded, we saw the movie and laughed till we cried at Jackie Gleason with the toilet paper stuck in his sunglasses. I don’t remember any of the profanity and I doubt that Jauncho or his sister remember any of it as well.