Meteorology is not the study of meteors. Fair?

It is more humid than Jorge Garcia’s pits in this town. It is a deceptively mild 93 degrees, but the dew point is 77. The greater the difference between the temperature and the dew point, the drier the air. A 13 degree variance spells miserable. What is the dew point to temperature variance where you are today?

Yeah. I will just wait right here while you do that.

Basically the deal is that you can sweat, but you can’t get rid of sweat. It just sits there and welcomes the new sweat coming behind it. Soon you are enveloped in a sweat blanket, which is hotter than wet wool. Unless you have someone like Charlie Hodge following you around with fresh towels, then you will overheat and fall over dead. You will be lying there with little X’s for eyes, but it won’t be a cartoon. Sometimes your head might pop off from the steam pressure.

August is no time to start an outdoor comeback.


11 Responses to Meteorology is not the study of meteors. Fair?

  1. Was it always like this, even back when I used to spread my body out on the beach for hours, working on getting these skin cancers? HOW was it possible that I (and maybe one or two others) did that in this weather?
    And thanks for the very clear explanation of the ratio relationship between temp and dew point. So does that mean when the temp and the dew point are the same, we have 100% humidity? But that doesn’t always mean rain, right? (Only that we pray for it to rain then?)

  2. It’s definitely moist out there. I’ve been relegating myself to the road, more often than not, these days. At least that home made breeze helps a little.

    It would seem that you’ve timed your injury all wrong, good sir.

  3. Yes Lopo you are correct. 100 % means it is raining or we are begging for rain.

    And BW this injury has been wrong in so many ways the timing has lots of company.

  4. Yeah, well, try having hot flashes in this heat. I could sweat during one of those babies in a meat locker. And would. So- when you’re outside, say, oh, walking in this heat? Or cleaning out the chicken coop? And THEN have a hot flash on top of it? I swear, I don’t know why I haven’t gone into spontaneous combustion. Maybe because of all the sweat.
    Too effing bad!

  5. Temp: 75
    Feels like: 75
    Dew Point: 60

    Sounds like: Hootie & the Blowfish. One of my neighbors really likes to share.

    Come visit, y’all!

  6. I looked it up on Lycos (Screw Google!) Some say April is the cruelest month because of Tax Day. I think it’s April and not August because T.S. Eliot came from England and not the Gulf Coast.

  7. May we all be willing to suspend our beliefs for a moment in order to consider the beliefs of another for a moment. I believe that everyone forms their beliefs based upon the best information they have at any given time, however insufficient or inaccurate it might be. Once a belief is formed, however, it can become our identity and blind us from further realization of truth. I am willing, however to suspend that belief for a moment, though not for a minute more.

  8. Whoops! After weeks of trying to get this “leave your comment” feature to work for me I posted to the wrong discussion. Please take my previous comment and insert it into “The Archie Bunker of Liberals” discussion. That is if you are willing to suspend your beliefs for a moment to believe for a moment that I am telling the truth. Boy is sure is hot in here!