Vote or Die

I watched three hours of survivor footage from Hurrican Katrina last night to remind me that voting is important. Forget about storms and levees. How many of the 1,186 souls would still be with us if only someone could have gotten water to the Super Dome?

Some of you all are probably of the too cool for school, it is all an illusion non-voters who think it is all a false choice and the two-party system is a farce. Maybe no politician talks to you about the things that matter to you so you don’t see yourself represented in the process. I know how it is. I have been there too.

Honestly, I could really give a shit if Gaines street becomes the new gateway to Tallahassee. I also do not have the slightest preference for whether or not Innovation Park remains a research facility or puts in factories that make things. Whoop-de-doo y’all and have fun with that.

I do care about voting though, and I have my reasons. I don’t care if the difference between two candidates is negligible, or maybe the system is so broken that it barely matters who wins, I am going to fight for every inch. I will concede no ground, to no foe, in any venue where the battle for defining America is to be pitched.

If different people were answering phones on August 25, 2005 things might have been different for a lot of people.


2 Responses to Vote or Die

  1. AMEN to every word. See you at the polls — as always. Win, lose or draw.

    I always say: You can’t complain if you didn’t vote. Make them pols sweat for it.

  2. People who sit on the side line and bitch are disgusting, arrogant fools. They feel above it all, to perfect to participate. If we would all just listen to them.

    I need to be careful I am in a no compromise mood.

    I voted, my canidates won, now I can live with the good or the bad.