Up the Pace

Like a superhero, my new regimen (or for you illiterates-regime) is changing my molecular metabolic constructorization. I only need about 3.5 hours of sleep now.

During my run yesterday I broke on through to the other side. Of the park. And I was still running. Pretty amazing stuff. Lurching through the park like a benchwarmer who got picked on and couldn’t wait to get home and tell Mommy.

Stupid snails, us sloths can leave a snail in the dust!

Oysters too, we can leave an oyster in our rear view no problem!


Speaking of benchwarmers I got the nod from coach to step in for Shins down at Joe’s Bike Shop www.joesbikeshop.net tomorrow. If you don’t want to buy a bike then don’t come around because I am fierce on the sales floor I tell you-fierce.

“Well Ma’am it really depends on whether you are riding for recreation or a more purposeful fitness agenda”.

“You’re right that is a great color”.

“He will grow into it sir, and we won’t have to do this again for a while”.

Oh yes, I have all the lines.

If you have not been following the Team Type I progress in the Race Across America, I really must insist, as your host- that you do. The comments section of their race blog is blowing up with inspirational positivity. It’s like a Disney movie running for 5 straight days of diabetic ass-kicking- and our very own Bigworm is in the truck helping to make the magic happen. Stop by at


and check it out. It is the feel good story of the Summer except they aren’t underdogs, they dominate.

While you are out there can you help me confront the following rhetorical travesties?

Improper use of “that is” as in “This chaos that is my life” or “This trainwreck that is my prom date”. Grrrr!

Conversate: as in “I was hoping you and me could conversate about that job opportunity”.

Piggy back: as in “I would like to piggy back on what Elvira said since I think the same thing Elvira done thought”.

Really people, this is getting out of control. We need to think outside da box and find some way to stop the madness.


Burn the box and everything it stands for-


4 Responses to Up the Pace

  1. Don’t burn that box; shred it and compost the debris. Better for the environment. Cause that’s how we roll.

    I guess the sub job at Joe’s means you won’t be up at the St. Joe/Arvida trailhead at 7 a.m. for the Munson work party. Maybe I’ll be able to finally lift a rake in anger and justify wearing that “Trail Care Crew” shirt I scored at the workshop back in January.

  2. Funny, I just got a berating e-mail about “Nobody signing up for the work party”.


    And maybe that really IS how we roll!

  3. It’s enough to make a guy want to do some guerrilla trailbuilding, just to relieve the tension.

    — Pseudonymously yours.

  4. Ah, man, take it from me…that guerilla trail-building is a drag. They fine you, and then they mess up all your hard work, anyway.

    A man could ruin a perfectly good chainsaw trying to do his civic duty and a few days later find there’s no trace of his sweetly placed, beaconesque flags or his sweat equity.