Get some

This is not true of course, but I wanted to give you a warm fuzzy thought to start your day. You can do whatever you want as limited by: your available time, talent, skills, ability to mobilize, and willingness to assert your vision in conjunction with– or at the expense of someone else’s “whatever they want.” Besides that though, it is true. You can do whatever you want.

What I want is to find the perfect couch. My living room is the size of a diner napkin so it is hard to find a comfortable couch with the dimensions of a church pew. Maybe I can find a church pew? People sleep comfortably in those don’t they?

Another thing I want is a nice long sit-down here at the BRC, but what I’ve got is about five minutes before I have to haul ass out of here and go make a living.

Ima be back though, and we will have ourselves a proper chat.


4 Responses to Get some

  1. The size of a dinner napkin you say? Have you checked your local craft store for doll house furniture? ;0)

    Actually, if it’s size concern you’re thinking about, check Ikea. They’re known for furniture that will fit small spaces.