Stoked for Oak

It seems like I haven’t slept well since sometime in the mid-eighties, when life lay before me like an unread book. Last night I got an un-tormented 7 hours and I feel like I could walk to Mars. This is going to be a fun weekend in Tallahassee, but I answer to a higher calling and Birmingham awaits. By 1:00 P:M CST I will be grinding up the jeep road at Oak Mountain. The rest of the weekend I will be where I am supposed to be.

I hear that we quit sleeping well as we age because we know time is short. I hope that is not the case. I often say that with one good night’s sleep you can change the world.


3 Responses to Stoked for Oak

  1. I slept well for decades — until I got a career, a permanent relationship, and plans for the future. You know — all the things I’d longed for during those decades I was sleeping well.