Options are for Losers

Most riders I know are psyching up and gearing down for one of these two events. The “To Hell and Back” catered slog through the swamp, or the annual dust and goo fest, the 12 Hours of Razorback. Which one am I doing? Well, you see, I will be elsewhere that weekend, reveling in family love, where I am quite likely the strongest cyclist in the pack. See, we all have our venues.

These two events fall on the same weekend, which would be a problem except I can’t think of anyone who would choose to do both. Aren’t you either a 12 hour goo-slurping racer or a 29’er stroking long range visionary? there might be a few double dippers in the crowd, but not many.

Me, I’m hitting the road today for Orlando, and if you want to read my opinion of that megalopolis of mediocrity, search “Orlando” within the site, I know I have roasted it a time or two.

There is a trail, (a poor beleaguered trail) in the area that I will be looking to ride, if you know anything about a 10 mile singletrack in the Orange County area, log in and give me some beta please, or just send it to loveyourbike@gmail.com and my secretary will get me the message. It’s called Something Springs I think.

I will be home for one out of the next 15 days, and my travels will take me back up to Birmingham where Oak Mountain will hopefully rehabilitate and resuscitate my flagging enthusiasm. It is the kind of place that can do that for you. If that doesn’t work I’m thinking I need to get a Tsali, Pisgah, NC trip on the Spring Calendar asap because nothing motivates like intimidation.

This is getting so “bloggy” I think I will go wash my hands now.


One Response to Options are for Losers

  1. Ahhh Oak Mt.
    ooo blood rock…
    As for me,
    I’m gonna freeze me knobbies off on the hell and back. Thankfully, somebody will, hopefully, have our ol’ 88 LeSharo RV there at the Sumatra campground for PsychOut and I to luxuriate upon. Sunday is’sposed to be warmer.
    BTW, ya’ll are officially invited to ride in

    the bike-power art bike parade on Friday, March 2…

    free entry…sweet prizes… your chance to ride in a tutu on your bike in front of the capitol. info @ bike-power.com