Everybody knows that if you want to defeat the Dementors you have to have a Patronus, which can only be conjured by thinking positive thoughts exactly when it is hardest to do so. With so many out there strugggling with injury, recovery, and healing right now I want to ask the question, What is your Patronus?

And if you haven’t read Harry Potter, or can’t get with the Harry Potter program I’ve got going here today, then God help you, the Dementors are going to get you for sure.


13 Responses to Patronae

  1. I have always felt that when I hear or see a hawk, that is a sign of good things. I have had many occasions where I was bonking or angry or whatever and I would hear a hawk and know it was going to be okay. I need one the size of Hagrid to get me through this trail.

  2. Trting not to read tje oterj commenta as I go to type minw.

    At first I thought the bike but it is really the dirt, the sky, the rain.