Finally, something broke through and I passed a huge ridestone. Now I have that walking around on the tips of my toes springy feeling.

It was not a huge ride, so it passed quite easily, but it was a solid and well-formed ride that slipped out with a satisfactory effort.

Thanks to Uncle Leon for the cup of coffee that got things moving.

The pleasant surprise was realizing how much fun riding a mountain bike down a fast trail can be. It was better than I remembered. Like flight. Like snowboarding. Like having a magic weapon with a +10 hit point factor or whatever the nerds say.

San Felasco is bumping the route up to 62 miles. That’s a lot of trail .

I’m still too busy to claim any training is going on, but I got hope man, I got hope.


12 Responses to Ridestipation

  1. I got off my ass as well. Did a round trip 33-miler from Hippie Killearn via Southwood (Disney Killearn?) out to the intersection of Buck Lake and Capitola. Then back on my backside for the rest of the day.

    Bad news about San Felasco. Damn! I was all set to finally tackle the 50.

  2. For what it’s worth, I believe the 62 is an option, and 50 is still standard. I’m trying to make up my mind which version I want to be ready to tackle. That may be a game day decision.

  3. See, just the fact that there’s a 62 mile option is annoying. Who wants to cross the 50 mile finish a gasp short of death – proud and crampy – only to hear the waterbugs in the parking lot squeaking on about their metric century and how they were thinking about doing it twice? Fuck that.

    I’m out, and tipping my hat to Allah for the excuse.

  4. Wow, squatch take it easy, we all know the waterbugs are losers in real life.

    62 isn’t so bad, could really be 63.5 but they aren’t telling you.