And now here’s Squatch- with the weather…

Reduced to covering cycling events like just another attractive journalist, I scrambled to get the story during my brief return to homebase. S’quatch made it very clear that he dominated the field in the run to Tate’s Hell, churning up the competition with his girthy thighs. He also said the food was delicious, a Carnival Cruise styled buffet of butter sculptures and chocolate fountains.

Actually he said it was vegan and therefore carried all of the opposite characteristics of say- a steaming pile of delicious biscuits and sausage gravy. Steaming pile, mmmmm.

Aside from the tasty snacks, and the 19 degree departure temp, the ride to Hell and Back sounded like an old home week of local characters, up and comers, and out of towners who made a bad decision.

Maybe next year Mystery and I will cater the damn thing.To get any more than that, we have to wait for our foreign correspondents to report in.

The 12 Hours of Razorback can be summed up by a single dispatch from Joey Bushyhead. Something about snapping off his rear deraileur in the dark and converting his rig to a single speed in order to maintain an overall team placement of sixth. Results can be verified at Look for Team “Tall Blondes” in the Mens over 125 category.

Tall Blondes is code for Miller High Life so don’t go to that site for otherwise nefarious expecations to be fulfilled.

and on that note, Soledad will trundle into the Chrysler M3 (herringbone white) and go to Alabama, where they laugh at such things.



2 Responses to And now here’s Squatch- with the weather…

  1. If The Ride To Hell and Back was twice as fun as my simple Ride to Hell (I caught a ride back after the first leg of the journey), everybody had more fun than they deserved. That was one well-organized, completely satisfying day on the bike and evening with friends, and it kept me buzzed with good feeling for a full 24 hours after the event.

    Hats off to S. Benton for both vision and execution, and for being such a good-natured, sensitive host. You can really make it happen.