Chomping at the Bit

Information is King in this new age. The new moral imperative compels me to just put it out there and let the people decide. There is the potential for scandal here. What if the release of these sensitive documents starts a war between the practitioners of the Electric Slide and the followers of the original variation commonly known as the Bus-Stop? We have all done things that seemed perfectly reasonable in one context, only to find out that certain events do not translate well from one culture to another. Besides, how can a man who only knows another man by the color of his tights possibly proffer some sort of opinion about what that man chose to wear 16 years ago? Ridiculous right?

So I should just delete these pictures and erase my hard drive and pretend that I never came into possession of such a responsibility.

I wish I had taken the blue pill instead.


10 Responses to Chomping at the Bit

  1. All right. The information years to be free. However, I am swamped today, and I’m not talking about my chamois. Tomorrow morning, the story breaks.