By tomorrow night I will have completed a rigorous 6 days of labor in 3 cities and 2 states, and Friday is not looking like a gimme.

That is why I am thinking of a Saturday morning adventure that takes me into some frosted and crackling cold beautiful place. It could be a bike ride, as I am enjoying a pro-suffering stance these days. I would prefer a simple walk somewhere. Perhaps to visit the steaming sinkholes, which will look like hot springs at 72 degrees? The coast to get the full icy effect of the wind and take some deep cool breaths of abundantly fresh air?

I don’t know, but somewhere.

What have you got?


5 Responses to Yondering

  1. I’m telling you, you’re more than welcome to join us for the Dirty Ron. Rolling from Monticello, 65 miles of mostly clay roads, through the scenic South GA hamlets of Boston and Dixie. Upon return to Monticello, we will retire to the fainting goat farms of Mingo’s family, and eat goat/lamb chili, burgers, etc, and lie about how great we felt on that ride.

  2. Ditto Worms remarks for Sat.

    The real cold morning is Sunday. A hike and bike to Sheppard’s branch via the Palm Forest or just a walk in the coastal flats of the St. Marks Refuge. I little bit more of a drive would get you to the Econfina (off 98 toward Perry) There is some killer bushwhack hiking there. If you head out Sunday morn, please call, I’d love to go to either of those.

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