Nothing but the Deal

I’m thinking about getting a bike. I hear they are really great.

This muggy October is enabling me to continue my streak of sporadic riding. I won’t say non-riding, because I have managed a couple of roll-outs here and there, but seriously folks- I think we have all seen this before at the BRC.

I have long avoided purchasing a home and other grown-up endeavours out of a basic respect and fear of the avalanche of needling tasks I knew accompanied the process.

Two months ago I made the decision to go for it, pacing in the garage in the middle of the night. Three more weeks and it may all be done. I don’t know really.

I sit like the dog with a biscuit on his nose, waiting for the command to snap it up.

The road awaits me again this week. Ever hopeful, I’m packing the Racer-X.


7 Responses to Nothing but the Deal

  1. if you sold the bike, you could fix the plumbing.
    “what’s wrong with the plumbing?” you say…and the homeowners just laugh and laugh…

  2. If you do move, will you have a housewarming party? Will our tribe be invited? (I’m bold, aren’t I?)
    I’ll make a cake. I promise.

  3. I’ve worked with a few home buyers over the years. Some fret more than others. One person bought the first house I showed them. Sold another to a fellow, he worried a bit, he is glad he Branched out.

    yes let’s have a party.