Escape from escape.

It looks like a nice morning for a ride- down I-75.

Who knows, maybe I will ride Santos this weekend. Stop laughing, anything can happen.

I am taking regressive refuge in writing 80’s style punk songs for my associates in local aging punk phenom band- Betty’s Beauty School. It is great therapy for all of my otherwise mature activity lately.

Good luck this week to the Chain gang at Tom Brown Park. Thank God I have a good excuse, not that I would ever race anyway. Too much yelling and plastic tape. It is all very confusing.

I’ll see you on the trails in 2010.


6 Responses to Escape from escape.

  1. Racing at Tom Brown is a lot like driving on I-75, both are crowded, stressful and full of jerks going way too fast. Now that I’ve given it a little thought the only difference is one’s endless pavement and the other is an endless series of eroded roots with the occasional sprinkle of dirt. I think I’m going to keep my bike clean and race I-75 this Sunday.