My inner child is on restriction. Worse probably, somebody ought to call child welfare and have my inner child removed from my custody.

My last ride I stopped dead in the trail and turned back, letting Squatch and HiTops charge on into the steamy forest. I felt like I was wasting my time. Riding bikes? Ridiculous. This is a grown-up world and I’m a grown-up man. I have pontificating and blustering to do. Comparison of square footage and mortgage rates, reports to write, subordinates to admonish, forth to be holding. Stress is good. Stress is motivational. Stress is how we show that we care.

Once the status quo is evaluated and measured, judged unsatisfactory- there is nothing to be done but achieve a new status quo. I have industries to captain, bags to carpet, barons to rob.

Remind me of all of this at San Felasco.


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  1. Don’t get it twisted. I’ve walked the “I’m too stressed to enjoy my bike” path, more than I liked. I try to remember that the difference between good stress and bad stress is simply your reaction to the stress itself. However, when stress reaches the level that things you once enjoyed, no longer bring you happiness, there’s a problem.

    How’s the home search coming? Remember, it’s just a roof, and you already have one of those, so don’t let it get to you.

  2. The only move under these conditions is a solo ride some place you haven’t been in a while. Listen to the birds marvel at the shadows and if a newby appears on the horrizon hunt them down like a dog and fly past them.
    Stress is sooo silly…until it’s yours.

  3. Relax, some of the best rides I’ve been on were the ones I didn’t show up for, like 6-Gap in the rain. Step off your bike and let your inner child spray paint some walls.