It is warm here in Alabama. Not heatwave hot, but steamy like the meatball pan at a Subway sandwich shop. I did not let that stop me from gutting out a fantastic loop at jewel of the South, Oak Mountain State Park.

I arranged a little play date with a colleague who made the unfortunate choice of telling me he rode mountain bikes. Not wanting to take any chances I opted for the more brutal counter-clockwise (I think?) option of climbing to the ridge up the jeep road and bombing down through Blood Rock as an early assessment. Ex-Navy Seal worked in his favor, residing in flat Pensacola did not.

He is a game fellow and we got the whole 17 mile loop in before reporting for work at 10:00 A:M. If we had taken much longer someone would have mopped us off the deck as we melted into the road. If it wasn’t my favorite Joe’s Bike Shop jersey I would throw it out. I’m avoiding the obvious- it will never smell right again.

I felt good, out there chopping that wood. Riding bikes is hard work.


9 Responses to Woodschopper

  1. O.K. that’s impressive — 17 miles of ridgerocky singletrack with some hard climbing, in the oven, with an unknown, potential assassin, and all before reporting in to work at 10:00 A.M. with said humbled assassin in tow.

    That’s my boy right there. Ya’ll better keep an eye out.