Game Face

Thank God vacation is over. Mirth and pleasure are wasted on the likes of me.

A smoothie in the blender before the break of dawn. Hundreds of e-mails to sift through. Plane tickets to purchase. Lesson plans to be written. Evil to be fought.

There is work to be done amigos, work. Bike work, life work.

Slogging at the Greenway with Felix the virus hanging onto my seatpost, dragging heel trenches behind me in the mud, that’s hard work. My legs feel like my legs again though, crushed and aching. I fell asleep too tired to care about real estate, fun, the health care plan, or the gentrification of Sasquatch.

Turn the suffer up and rip the knob off.


8 Responses to Game Face

  1. “Turn the suffer up and rip the knob off.”

    I kind of want to cross stitch this onto a pillow.
    Did you already go riding this morning?