Hang with it

Whatever it is, whatever has got you on the run- don’t give up. Hang with it. Make it wear out first. Is it your 7 year old hammer-headed cat with no tail walking around with a cone on his head and a catheter hanging out of his butt? Hang with it. Working on something hard? Building a new business? Starting a new job? Just getting over the tracks? Don’t give up.Hang with it. Got a broken collarbone? Indulge your mind. Wait, rest and hang with it. You will get better. You can wait it out.

Make it blink. Hang with it.

Whatever it is, hang with it. Don’t give up. It is as tired as you are.

To struggle is divine.


9 Responses to Hang with it

  1. Psychic son, hang out your shingle. My little Baby Bear trailer seems very much like a Grizzly to me today. Can’t I just cry and give up?? Pullleeaassee??
    I seem destined to have no a/c in this turkey. I can still sigh over it, can’t I??

  2. Something else keeps stepping up to the plate though; I can outlast any one thing, but the army of coned & cathetered is about to break me.

    I did buy a new office rube wardrobe to keep ahead of the cubicle forces. I’ll tattoo your post to my forearm for mantra purposes. Hangin’ with it!