Old 101

Thanks to sponsors I have use of the Giant TRC-1 while I am out here in California and though it is indisputedly a road bike I am not one to turn my nose up at sponsorship. After giving the bike a basic shave and a haircut it is ready to roll.

I toured 65 miles along the Old Highway 101 route up the coast. The villages along the way are tame to the outside observer. Art galleries, surf shops, and Smoothie cafes pepper the roadway from La Jolla to Del Mar. Blaring sunshine and cool winds help portray an image of worry-free monotonous glamour, but the names I pass echo the great journeys of Dean Moriarty and Henry Miller. Encinitas, Solana, Leucadia. This stretch of coast is iconic to America. For all the horror and the glory of Manifest Destiny, this is the end of the line.

This is the encore performance to the great American Dream.


10 Responses to Old 101

  1. Welcome to the Left Coast!

    Perhaps a little chess, now that you wouldn’t have to be up so late?


  2. Well, Santa Cruz has the best (surfing) riding in the area. If you like the hills. Empire Grade is fantastic with many excellent options to bail swoopily to the oceanside for a limp back along 101. I prefer the harder to find Mt Charlie road; combined with Summit it takes you to Corralitos. Superfun, single lane in many places, nearly carfree, bad pavement, lots of redwood shade, fast and twisty.
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