Hybrid Alert

Disgusting as gum, not actually pie. That’s how you know it’s a hybrid, when it does two things poorly. Don’t try to be all things to all people. If you smell like wintergreen, be gum.

We watched some friends do what they are good at last night and sing some karaoke. I stayed in my chair because I am a writer. I hold down my corner of the internet, and ask for no special indulgences. Few of us are legitimate triple threats. In fact, few triple threats are legitimate triple threats. J-Lo is mediocre at most things. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Don’t shoot the messenger Yo.

I have formally entered into negotiations with our friends Buzz and Reverend Dick to coordinate a summit meeting out west in May. I have to say up front it’s a long-shot, but it shouldn’t be. Fat Lad from England made it all the way to Tallahassee to ride trails, but of course I missed out on that too due to work. Still, he proves these things can happen. I may need to produce some BRC swag to help fund the effort. My best idea so far is camouflage tie-dye t-shirts with a BRC logo on them, but now I’m concerned that might be a hybrid too. I’ll have to make a test shirt and send Joey Bushyhead out to kill a deer in it. Conversely, I could send Magnum to a Widespread Panic show in one to try to score some LSD. Either way, the theory must must be tested.

When I put forth this idea to those closest to me I was met with a resounding “hmmph.”
That’s not even a word, just a vocalization of disapproval.

Once I get some product they will have to pay double. Somebody take this keyboard away from me. I’m typing like a drunk uncle making a toast at a wedding.

Have a great weekend. Ride your bikes. Do what you do. Don’t take shit from nobody.


10 Responses to Hybrid Alert

  1. I enjoy cherry pie, NOT apple. J-Lo is very good at a thing. Everybody needs coozies and cycling caps.

    It’s a long shot? You aren’t thinking like a dirtbag. We ride in the dirt, we drink shitty canned beers and put on airs in the dirt, we cook in the dirt, we sleep in the dirt. Repeat.

    Frankly, I’m surprised. Y’all seem to have handled the bear with aplomb.

    This’ll be just like that.

  2. Don’t take shit from nobody? Not even those closest to us who utter disapproving vocalizations? That will prove tough in my household.

  3. Funding is always an issue but as Rev says we can do it on the down low(like in ‘in the dirt’) and it won’t cost that much. And the time? 14 days in May in one of the potential 80+ years of your life won’t even be a dent when you get to your end. Might be a cherished memory though. 🙂

    Re: the t-shirt. How about; since we know I have profound and deep connection with dogs, be they domestic or wild ..no matter..a BRC t-shirt with a ” Coyote Rendezvous—-Colorado Plateau—Spring 2013″ theme?


    You design, I have the connect for the bro deal screen print.

    J- lo is a thing…on my screen. Is she a really an actual living peep??

    HOW do yo know that?

  4. May? Damnit Juancho, don’t you know that it’s the first week in April that tests the limits of the MN crew? We don’t drink the cheap beer, but you don’t know epic if you haven’t ridden McDowell Mountain Regional Park in AZ. Call me, I know people…