Break Time

Not break time for me suckers, I meant for you.

Back to your summer schedule of pudding and bon bons, marathon re-runs of Bonanza and dreaming of football season. I watched and learned as you went on vacation one by one and got taken down by sloth and lethargy in the fold of the family bosom.

All right, I fear the self same fate and regret leaving the Titus home alone where it is undoubtedly throwing unsupervised parties with other unattended cycles. My brother is probably the one buying them all the Purple Extreme they want.

I am an earth sign and thereby bound to dirt forever, but this week salvation lies offshore.


7 Responses to Break Time

  1. Paddle straight out to the point, sit deep, and take off on the first set. After you pull into the barrel assume your place in the order and the boys will show respect….unless you are in California in which case they will pelt you with rocks and disassemble your car. I am sure you will be fine.