Fat of the Land

S’quatch, ‘Tops, and I attended a meeting last night for the local mtb advocacy group. The new kid running the show is known around here as Roboboy, and he shows up from time to time. I am not very inspired to write about the meeting because my choices are limited. Roboboy is doing everything right really, and what’s the fun in that? Actually writing about trail advocacy would be torturous to everyone. You disagree? Let’s try it…

In order to optimize the parcel we need to lobby the various stakeholders and get them on board with the comprehensive surface re-grading vision of the county, state, federal, international, and intergalactic governing bodies of all user groups

You feel me? We can leave that to Aucilla, who somehow makes us care, probably because he is a known outlaw, and outlaws are cool.

The meeting had free beer and food, which the President probably paid for himself. It had multimedia displays, free swag like beer coozies and t-shirts, and a glimpse at some yet unreleased maps. (I took a pic with my camera phone but it didn’t come out.)

Land managers were there trying to manage land. What a thankless job they have. There is no pleasing everybody, that’s a guarantee.

There was however, this one guy worthy of a post all to himself. Very Cobra Kai, power stripes and yellow tie, extensive use of “air quotes”, and just aggro as could be. He kind of freaked me out.

Maybe I can arrange an exclusive interview.


11 Responses to Fat of the Land

  1. Roboboy is doing an admirable job as CEO!

    The picture you took of the meeting last night is hilarious. I was not there (and won’t be as long as it’s on Wednesday nights) but that is exactly how I envisioned the affair.

    I would like to compliment Juancho for getting all hi-tech and updating his LINKS section. A couple of fine additions to the list too. Perhaps one day Joe will pay his internet bill so both of his links will start working again.

  2. FREE BEER? and COOZIES? damn, I could get involved in something like that…

    Nah, I’m sure they’ll figure it all out. They’ll tell me what to do and where and it will be good because they’re smart people working hard.

    Plus, good beer just became cheaper than gas, but I guess you guys probably ride your fixies down to the meeting? Right? you don’t DRIVE there do ya?

  3. I’m sure he’s a great person and yada yada, but damn, I get the impression he is going to organize the shit out of something.

  4. Thanks for attending.
    It takes freaks and Geeks to make a not for profit organization ride.
    What fun is it to just to hang with your crew all the time and rant?
    I was planning to ride, but rain threatened and 8 miles through a wet city at night didn’t look desirable.

  5. Yeah, but you’re Bill O.

    Nothing personal against power tie, this here forum is art, it ain’t always real it’s satire.

    Ride all day- rant all night.

  6. Juancho,
    Thanks for props and for showing up for a meeting. You think I wanna lead all these retards? ‘Least I got the meds for’em!

    Your official assignment:
    Come up with a common enemy and a threat to trails. Scare the peeps.

    Not much else will get the passion directed at the right planet to invade.

    Nurse Ratched

  7. And I think the scariest thing of all is your photo of all those pasty-faced, old white men gathered around a board table. I’ve been there, and it isn’t pretty. Kinda’ makes me want to join the NRA and start an arsenal.